Basement Finishing Ideas

There are things you need to know before applying basement finishing ideas. Generally, there are three types of basement finishing: the finished, unfinished basement, and partially finished basement. This page will cover all of them for your inspirations.

These basement finishing ideas will be a valuable addition to your home. Even though having a comfortable space in the basement could be a great addition to your house, the proper construction of the basement is more important.

That’s why you need these ideas to create an ideal basement for your house.

1. Small Basement Finishing Ideas

Small Basement Finishing Ideas

It’s one of the small basement finishing ideas you can try for your home. The first thing that would attract people in this mini bar basement is the molded ceiling.

The dark-colored wood ceiling offers an elegant texture to the atmosphere. It’s one of the basement ceiling ideas you need to apply.

Improving the ambiance, the lighting also gives a dramatic effect to the ceiling texture. It gives a nice character to the whole space.

This is such a comfortable space where you can serve your guests in. This small basement room looks dark by design. It provides a calm feeling to the air.

2. Inexpensive Basement Finishing Ideas

Inexpensive Basement Finishing Ideas

This is a nice idea you’d want to do to your basement. You don’t need to spend a lot of budget on applying these basement finishing ideas. On the unfinished basement, put down laminate wood as the flooring.

Besides that laminate wood, put epoxy on the concrete floors, too. Choose what fits your style.

Then for the walls, paint it well with your desired color. The natural texture of brick could give a nice accent to the wall. Finally, fill the room with nice furniture.

3. Finishing Basement Stairs Ideas

Finishing Basement Stairs Ideas

Stairs are the important elements of a basement. It’s the only one that gets you down to the basement room.

There’s no other way to go to the basement as smooth as the stairs. The design and structure of stairs need to be matched to the basement styles.

Check out that railing idea of that stair. It has a solid but thin steel structure that offers a decorative look to the stair design.

The steel structure of the rail improves the safety of the stair itself. Pairing the clean white wall with the wooden steps and flooring is a common way to make it stunning.

4. Basement Finishing Ideas on a Budget

Basement Finishing Ideas on a Budget

Finishing a basement without spending a lot of money is quite challenging. Actually, there are many ways to finish a basement cheaply.

The first thing you need to do is to paint the ceiling. If your basement has a low ceiling, use the cheap paint to make it as the headroom.

You should go with a warm, saturated hue, like peppy paprika or rich gold.

If you want it to be airy and illuminated, aim for a clean color like icy blue or subtle yellowy cream. Another thing you should do is to cover the floor with floating vinyl, area rugs, or carpet tiles.

To keep the basement remodeling within budget, you need to do these:

  • Stay within the project scope which covers the budget plan and time.
  • Before going with the plan and design, do a lot of researches. By doing so, you will end up having a well-planned design.
  • Think about open space for your basement. You will spend fewer budgets on separating the room.
  • Don’t go overboard with the flooring. The right design for the flooring would save you a fortune.
  • Just keep it standard. Don’t put too much effort into customizing unnecessary things.

5. Finishing Ideas for Basement Bedroom

Finishing Ideas for Basement Bedroom

If your basement space is large enough, build a bedroom inside it. This enviable teen bedroom design is ready to be copied. Even though this bedroom is underground, it’s still the comfortable room of the house.

The concept is pretty simple, but the splashes of color from the decor make this basement bedroom more interesting.

One thing to consider about having a small bedroom in the basement is air circulation. Make sure it’s well planned and well structured.

6. The Second Living Room Basement

The Second Living Room Basement Finishing Ideas

For many homeowners, having another living room in a basement is like living a dream.

Quote: There’s nothing better than having one more private room for spending quality time with family. Even though it’s built underground, you can still make the living room as cozy as the main one.

This small living room basement is designed to be a perfect room for watching movies. It’s a lot more comfortable than the main living room. The whole space is painted white and well lighted to make it looks wider than it actually is.

A second living room should be different from the main one. That’s why this basement living room has a very minimal amount of decoration for a more soothing atmosphere.

7. Built-In Storage for Basement

Built-In Storage for Basement Finishing Ideas

It’s one of the basement finishing ideas that are functional and decorative to any room. It gives the wall a huge chance to be the focal point of the room.

This open cabinet would be the best basement storage ideas you can have inside yours. It offers a charming scene to the entire space of that wall.

You can fill the shelf with collectibles, framed photos, and interesting accessories. That astonishing mirror in the middle of the cabinet adds more interest to the built-in cabinet. It can become the center of attention easily.

8. Basement Finishing Ideas for Theater Room

Basement Finishing Ideas for Theater Room

One of the popular ideas for the basement is to build a private movie theater room.

This luxurious type of room could be the source of your family’s entertainment. You don’t need to go out of the house to watch your favorite movies with the family.

The finishing of this basement room type is pretty simple. The entire wall needs to be well-covered with a soundproof standard.

Then, just put a couple of comfy couches on the carpet-covered floor. Don’t forget to install a lot of lights: recessed and spotlights.

9. Colorful Basement Room Finishing

Colorful Basement Room Finishing Ideas

Instead of getting the ordinary classic basement style, make the room in your basement more cheerful like this one.

This cheerful basement contains a lot of bringing colors that definitely perk up space.

Starting with the blue wall, the color goes well with the other wall which painted with basic white color, matching with the ceiling. The colorful polka dots just make the white wall more interesting to see.

It’s not just about the paint color. The furniture should also stand out in the room. Each of them has an impressive color and design. This basement room is full of fun statements.

10. Basement Room for All

Basement Room Finishing Ideas for All

A basement room can be a space that has more function and utility. So, when you’re in the basement, you can have a good time to relax because everything you need is there.

This basement finishing idea is designed for all members of the family. It’s packed with elements for both kids and adults.

It’s a basement room for all that allows you to relax while your kids have a great time playing their toys.

As you can see, this family room is filled with a giant sectional sofa that looks so inviting for a family gathering.

From the ceiling, some stylish pendant lights are hanging. It’s combined with the recessed lighting to fulfill the need for lights in the basement room.

11. Small Kitchen Basement Space

Small Kitchen Space Basement Finishing Ideas

A kitchen is like the heart of a house. It becomes the busiest room of the house since it’s used every day.

For a basement, a room for cooking is not needed. However, this small kitchen could be a great addition to your basement.

It’s not designed to be used for cooking but for preparing a light meal, such as snacks, beverages, and breakfast meals. It won’t waste a lot of space in your basement. It’s small but effective to complete your basement space.

12. Basement Masculine Home Office

Basement Finishing Ideas Masculine Home Office


A home office should be built in a space with a low chance of disturbance and noise. So, having an office underground is quite ideal.

Take a look at this magnificent man-office. Almost every element of this home office has a masculine character.

It features a lot of manly decoration on the walls which emphasize strong colors, sports, and wood features.

The additional light fixtures on the corner give a little bit of industrial vibe to the room. That unfinished ceiling offers its own charm to the entire scene.

13. Classy Country Basement Room for Crafts

Classy Country Basement Room Finishing Ideas for Crafts

If you consider yourself as a crafty person, you might need a craft room to get your creativity going.

A craft room is also very useful for an artist who needs a special space to create a masterpiece of their own. So, do you need a special room for your crafts-making hobbies?

This craft room seems so airy because it doesn’t get filled up with so much furniture, even though the room is quite large. The classy country style is really suitable for this craft room.

14. Traditional Basement Finishing Ideas

Traditional Basement Finishing Ideas

A traditional style is the safest choice you can have for your basement.

It’s guaranteed to be cozy and comfortable since it has a scheme with neutral colors. This traditional basement has an attractive interior that’s filled with antique and rustic elements.

It would be a nice cozy room to retreat to. There’s a traditional pool table in the middle of the room that defines this basement as a game room.

15. Young and Chic Basement Room

Young and Chic Basement Room Finishing Ideas

For teenagers, getting together with friends and having a good time is just what they want. If you want to make the basement room to be their favorite place, design it to be cheerful and chic.

The room should be packed with fun games and cozy seating. Some chic and colorful decors would be an impressive addition that the room needs.

16. Cool Basement Room to Chill

Cool Basement Room Finishing Ideas to Chill

Some homeowners decide to build a basement room because they need a cool space to chill when there won’t be any disturbances.

Well, you don’t need a large space to create a room to chill. Just add a cozy couch and a TV to accompany your chilling time.

As you can see, this basement room has a cool mural of nightlife. With that realistic mural, you will feel like staying in an apartment room that’s located on the high floor.

The comfy rugs that cover the wood flooring become a great supportive element.

17. Underground Home Gym

Basement Finishing Ideas for Underground Home Gym

When you have your own gym, you don’t need to waste your time to go to the public gym to exercise.

A basement could be an ideal space to build a home gym that’s filled with equipment you need for your exercise.

This home gym is the example of a partially finished basement. It’s one of the basement finishing ideas you can choose for your house. A home gym seems to be the right one for a basement with this kind of finishing.

18. Basement Finishing for Laundry Room Ideas

Basement Finishing for Laundry Room Ideas

Whether it’s finished or unfinished basement, laundry room could always be the best option to build.

It’s very flexible and you don’t even have to make it well-designed. As long as it has the properly functional washing machine, it can be called as a laundry room.

As you can see, the whole space of this basement laundry room decor is covered with tiles.

The floor and wall tiles blend seamlessly with the ceiling and countertop colors. The white scheme is accentuated with the dark brown cabinet to dim the brightness.

19. Epoxy Basement Floor Paint

Epoxy Basement Floor Paint Finishing Ideas

Painting the basement floor would give a special feature to the room. As you can see, this basement room has brown solid textured flooring that’s painted with epoxy coating.

This treatment is quite common for home remodeling which offers a clean shiny effect to the floor.

This basement floor paint would make the space a lot more interesting without even have to cover it with rugs or carpets.


Some of those options would inspire you in choosing which basement finishing ideas would work well for your house. It’s according to the size, style, and structure of your home’s basement.

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